Puttin' on the Glitz !!
Puttin'on the Glitz !!
Without the Ritz !!
“Greyhounds Puttin’ on the Glitz” is an attempt to keep up with the ever-changing world of sophisticated glamour and style for our beloved retired racers!  Our Greyhound Martingale dog collars, tag collars, leads, couplers, jewelry, and pet tags are designed to set your greyhound apart from the rest of the crowd without breaking the bank!! We manufacture each item as if it was for one of our own beloved hounds! We hope you smile as you peruse our website….you can be sure we did as we created it!!! 
Swiss Velvet Lining
Heavy Weight 
          Polypropylene Webbing
WELDED Hardware for added Strength
Decorative Outer Layer
100% polyester thread by Gutermann
Each of our Greyhound Collars are Manufactured in 3 layers! 
Heavy Weight Polypropylene Webbing is at the core of each one of our dog collars!          
All of our Greyhound Martingale Collars are stitched using Heavy Duty-Durable-100% Polyester Thread by the well respected German manufacturer-Gutermann. This thread is resistant to abrasion, wear, and mildew. Connections are all stitched using a "box with an X" for security and durability using industrial grade thread.  The seams are turned outward so there is no bulky seam to rub against your pup's tender neck!  Each martingale collar is then lined with Swiss Velvet to provide a durable, comfortable, chafe free fit for your beloved pup! They are decorated with Superior Quality Decorative Trims selected for their aesthetic beauty and then completed using Welded Hardware for added strength and durability. This insures against product failure that could result in the loss of your pet!
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Introducing DOUBLE SIDED Velvet Leashes.  In TWELVE Colors!!! 
 Each 5 Foot Double Sided Velvet Lead is Designed with the Same GREYT Features as the Original Leads. Comfortable Velvet Lined Handle, Separate Loop to Hold 
Waste Bag Dispenser, and Our STANDARD Scissor Clip Hardware!
*  Heavy Weight Polypropylene Webbing is at the core of our dog collars. 
*   Welded Hardware for added strength.
*   Lined with a Soft Swiss Durable Velvet Lining which lays against
      the neck to protect against chafing. 
*   Completed using a Superior Quality Decorative Trim   especially chosen
      for their esthetic quialty. 
Our ONE INCH WIDE MARTINGALE DOG COLLARS are the traditional width for most breeds of dogs, and GREYT for Greyhounds in the summer! They are made with the same CARE and QUALITY as our TWO INCH WIDE MARTINGALE and ONE & ONE HALF INCH WIDE MARTINGALE DOG COLLARS! These dog collars have the added benefit of preventing a pup from backing out of its collar if properly adjusted.  Our VELVET TAG COLLARS have the same inner core of tough heavy weight polypropolene webbing as our collars. They are manufactured without a "D" Ring so a leash can NOT be attached by accident! They are adjustable and comfortable to wear around the house in order to save wear and tear on your favorite collars while keeping necessary contact information on your pup at all times! 
What Makes Our Collars Different?
You Don't have to be a Greyhound 
  to look Greyt in our Collars!
Greyhounds Puttin' On The Glitz specializes in Custom Designer Collars for all dog breeds but most especially Sighthound Collars and Greyhound Martingale Collars. Swarovski Crystals can be added to any collar...just email for more information and free consultation. 
Buckle Collars and Harnesses are available upon request.
Don't forget to order your matching Velvet Lead and Tag Collar as well as your Pet Tag! 
We look forward to meeting the needs of your favorite hound!
      FOR A
To My WONDERFUL Customers,

I want to THANK YOU for your continued support over the many years.

Unfortunately it is time to say good bye. For the last 4.5 years I have been working diligently at our family business and am unable to process orders as quickly and as efficiently as in the past.

I will be looking for someone who is willing to take on the legacy and will be able to offer the dedication it deserves. I can be reached on Facebook.

Again...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Until we meet again,